Michele Volpato

I’m a full stack developer who loves to program using Swift or Flutter. I write about programming on this blog.

I studied Computer Science in Italy and I worked as a researcher in automata learning and model-based testing in the Netherlands.

In this period I am learning more about Dart, Flutter, and AppSec.

Now I create mobile apps at Touchwonders.

Simple programming

Writing correct programs is not easy. Writing wrong programs is very easy.

My credo is that, the simpler a program is, the lower is the probability that it contains errors. You cannot write a program, claiming it is correct, but not knowing exactly what it does, and why it does it.

It is my hope that this website helps to show a conscious way of writing programs that increases the probability of them being correct. That is, they do what you want them to do.

I strongly believe that, as a programmer, each program you write should be matched with a description of what it should do, and with a demonstration that it actually does that. Or at least you should be able to provide such a demonstration on demand.